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十一月 25, 2013 2

logo for Veggie Dorm

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Logo for Veggie Dorm , A Vegtarian’s Society in Shanghai,China.

一月 8, 2012 1,702

Logo of GOREON

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Logo for GOREON energy saving & environmental protection technology co., A metal anti-friction agent manufacturer. This final version is one of the 6 or 7 mature options. Response to comments This site has been being for about six years. You are seeing the third version now, and it has just a few visitors. Recently, the [...]

十一月 9, 2011 1,326

illustration for a book about EXPO 2010

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Thanks to the viewers, all of you guys, your visiting and comments on the works. I’m sorry for that I couldn’t write back one by one. I’m a freelancer now, and this is my online portfolio,Usually, I send the address to the potential employers. so that I don’t have to send the jpg files to [...]

十一月 9, 2011 1,789


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The 4th catalog for Diploma, a case and bag producer.

十一月 9, 2011 1,607

catalog of JK chemistry CO.

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Folder and manufacture catalog for JK chemistry CO.

一月 12, 2011 1,232

2011, a happy new year.

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an illustration for the cover of a notepad.

一月 12, 2011 1,545

2 covers

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2 covers for the albums about Expo 2010. photographer: He Jie

一月 11, 2011 1,795

4 Bulls

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illustration for the 2009 calendar of SCCTPI.

一月 11, 2011 1,423

illustrations for a calendar

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一月 11, 2011 1,681


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illustrations for SOLO STYLE, a cloth store in Hangzhou.